COVID-19 Guidelines

Meeting indoors
We began meeting indoors on June 28, 2020. However, we continue to live stream our worship services on Facebook at

Guidelines for our meetings
For all of our worship services, we will be observing the following guidelines for the safety and peace of mind of those who attend:

Ohio update July 23, 2020:
Governor DeWine has issued a state-wide mask order (found here). that requires everyone to wear face coverings at indoor church services except for those who are leading the worship service, those with medical exemptions, and children under the age of ten.

  • Social Distancing. Please maintain a distance of at least 6 ft. from those who are outside of your own family.
  • Contact with others. Please refrain from touching others. This means no handshakes, hugs, or any physical contact. Please don’t offer a hug or handshake to anyone. We won’t be having a time of greeting during the service.
  • Face coverings. Face coverings are required due to the state-wide order referenced above. We have face coverings available if you need one.
  • Singing. Unfortunately, singing has been shown to spread the coronavirus to others. We ask that you don’t sing if you aren’t wearing a face covering. This guideline is especially difficult! But it allows us to meet together more safely.
  • Drinks and snacks. Bring your own coffee or water. We won’t be providing any drinks or snacks, so if you want some, bring it along.
  • Shorter services.  Our services are shorter than usual, around 45 minutes. We ask that everyone leave the building right after the service is order to minimize personal contact.
  • Children’s ministry. For now, we won’t be having any children’s ministry. Children will stay with parents or grandparents. Please understand that children are children, and they may break some of our protocols!
  • Stay home if you are sick. If you are sick, have symptoms (including fever), or feel you are at risk, please stay home.
  • Video of services. We will livestream our worship service on Facebook ( The video will then be available any time afterwards.
  • Risk. We are doing all we can to minimize risk, but we can’t eliminate risk completely. Please keep that in mind as you decide whether to attend.

Everyone has their own comfort level
Some of us just can’t wait to worship together. Others may be apprehensive and will wait until later to gather in worship, and that if fine! All of us need to have grace and patience, and all of us need to observe the guidelines – no exceptions!