40 Days of Prayer

Join our church family and the entire Alliance family as we bring our hearts and hands together for 40 days of prayer focus beginning January 1, 2023. This is a special time of prayer and seeking God for our church and for the entire Christian and Missionary Alliance movement to which we belong.

Each day will offer a devotional reflection and prayer points authored by an Alliance leader or author. Each week during the 40 day prayer emphasis will have its own theme, based on the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6. Pastor Mike will also be preaching on each theme during the Sunday morning worship services.

Here are the six weekly themes:

Week 1 (Jan. 1): Prayer as Worship
Week 1 Daily Devotionals
Week 2 Video

Week 2 (Jan. 8): Prayer as Kingdom Partnership
Week 2 Devotionals
Week 2 Video

Week 3 (Jan. 16): Prayer as Petition
Week 3 Devotionals
Week 3 Video

Week 4 (Jan. 22): Prayer as Confession
Week 4 Devotionals
Week 4 Video

Week 5 (Jan. 29): Prayer as Spiritual Warfare
Week 5 Devotionals
Week 5 Video

Week 6 (Feb. 5): Prayer as an Expression of Hope
Week 6 Devotionals
Week 6 Video

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There will also be weekly Prayer Encounters with people all across the Alliance, every Tuesday evening at 8:00 pm.

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Our church, our people, our community, our nation, and our world desperately need the hand of God right now. Please make this season of prayer a priority. Use the devotionals, and spend time every day in prayer. May God move among us as we do.

Here is a VIDEO from Dr. John Stumbo