Amos in August

This Sunday we continue with our Amos in August series.

The book of Amos is sometimes called a “minor prophet” but that is because of its length. What God has to say through Amos is anything but minor!

Israel during the time of Amos was powerful and rich. And, they figured they were fine because they were the “people of God.” But Amos had a wake-up call from God for them: “The lion roars and says, Prepare to meet your God!”  We’ll be looking at topics like these:

  • Social justice IS important to God
  • Fake religion disgusts God
  • The Day of the Lord could be bad for you
  • We need to examine our attitudes and values
  • God wants to restore us

So join us during August for a dose of God’s reality – from the book of Amos!

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