6 thoughts on “I’m In at CrossPoint!

  1. Looks Good!!
    The old site was so drab.
    This has some life to it.
    Thanks all for the visits, cards, food, love, and prayers.
    Keep praying for me though, It still is a little sore and
    that I don’t drive Michelle crazy.

  2. My wife and I have been talking amongst ourselves about the mission of Crosspoint and our realationship with the Point Place community. You see, we live in Rossford and as a practical manner we don’t have any ties to Point Place. We keep hearing about the wondeful things going on up there and we didn’t know how we would fit in.

    Recent conversations have changed all that. Lori is a third grade teacher at Shoreland Elementary and she loves working there. She loves the kids there too.We have begun to think about how her job at Shoreland can influence the students to come and learn about a personal relationship with Jesus. This is a very fine line to walk in a public school as you can imagine. We are praying for God’s guidance and wisdom as we work through the ways we could be used to bring these young ones to the Lord. Do you, dear reader have any thoughts or ideas on how to accomplish this? We would love to hear from you through this forum. Post a note so all can see and watch how the Lord can work as we talk here in this new forum. Greg and Lori

  3. Hey Greg and Lori, I don’t have any specific ideas at this time, but I will certainly be praying for you as you discern God’s plans 🙂 We are so blessed to have you as a part of our community. Have a great weekend!

    Amy G

  4. Hey Greg and Lori, we’ll be praying too. Like S. Pennington’s teaching Sunday, may the light shine from Lori’s face, so she is asked a question why !

  5. Hey Greg & Lori: We’ll be praying too, that like Steve’s teaching on Sunday,
    the light of the Holy Spirit will shine on Lori’s face, prompting the kids to
    notice and ask questions. Love you guys!

  6. Exactly, and Steve wonders why his teaching got changed.
    I think someone (H.S.) was reading your post Greg.

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