Missions Conference: BE LIGHT

Sunday through Wednesday, October 16-19!
This week we kick off our BE LIGHT Missions Conference, celebrating God’s work around the world. Join us for a variety of fun activities: 

  • Sunday ~ 10:30 am – Worship service: Meet our guest speaker and hear about how God is at work around the world.
  • Sunday ~ 6 pm – Steadfast & Collide (junior & senior high) bonfire at the CrossPoint fire pit.
  • Monday ~ 6 pm – International Banquet: Meeting at the church, bring international food to share, and wear international clothes.
  • Tuesday ~ 10:30 am – Ladies’ meeting at the church, followed by lunch out.
  • Tuesday ~ 6 pm – Crock Pot dinner, then International Dance and Song Night at the church.
  • Wednesday ~ 10 am – Men’s breakfast at Rudy’s on Summit St.

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