Trees of Life

Meet Jesus at the Trees! This Sunday we continue our current series titled, Trees of Life. Join us for worship as we meet Jesus at the Olive Tree of Salvation. Worship begins at 10:30 am. Hope to see you at CrossPoint!

KIDSPOINT – age 3 – grade 6:
Your children will grow in trust and faith as they interact each week with a variety of Bible lessons that your children will come to love. Join us each week as they learn about the love and faithfulness of Jesus. Bring your children and join us for worship at CrossPoint each Sunday. You’ll find a home for everyone!

Trees of Life

After God and humans, trees are the most-mentioned living thing in the Bible. God has much to teach us through trees, which we’ll be learning in the coming weeks.

God is the Master Creator, and His Creation is filled with beauty and wonder. It is easy to take the beauty of creation for granted. That’s why it is useful and rewarding to notice the wonders of nature around us, and in the Bible.

During this series, if you see something in God’s Creation that thrills you or inspires you, take a photo of it, and email it to Pastor Mike at It can be related to trees of course, or anything else in nature. If you want, you can include any comments you have about the photo. Then, every Sunday during our series, we will show some of them during the message.

So start noticing Creation’s beauty around you, and send your photos in!

Trees of Life Reading – Download PDF HereDownload JPG Here

We meet for worship every Sunday morning at 10:30 at 4212 Onondaga Ave. You can also join online at our Facebook page ( Past messages can be found there also.