New series on Spiritual Disciplines

Beginning February 22, I am starting a sermon series entitled “Stop, Look, and Listen” – a look at spiritual disciplines. This will be a look at the classical disciplines that Christian believers have used and benefited from for thousands of years.

Stop Look and Listen

The spiritual disciplines are not formulas or tricks that people do to gain favor with God. Instead, they are practices that allow God to transform us from within through the Spirit. They help us to stop, look, and listen to God.

Ancient disciplines include silence, prayer, meditation, worship, fasting, study, confession, and many others. We will be looking at around ten of the spiritual disciplines during the season of Lent which begins next week. I will be suggesting ways that each of us can put into practice some of these spiritual disciplines each week.

Many people think more about God and Jesus during the time of Lent and Easter. This would be a great time to invite people to hear about how they can be closer to God.

During this series, there will be resources on our website to help you practice the disciplines. You can find the resources at the Sermons menu.

Pastor Mike

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  1. Hey, I think we should all post what we are going to give up for lent
    So we can encourage one another. No more drinks with caffeine for me.

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