Life on Mission

You have one job!

Jesus has a mission – a job – for each one of us. What is it? Find out as we experience Life on Mission together as a church.

This six week series begins Sunday, September 22 with a message by Pastor Mike, and then all of our small groups will be

Into the Wilderness – new series for Lent

Into the wilderness copy

Life isn’t always easy and smooth. Sometimes life becomes difficult because of circumstances, sorrow, pain, and sin. We may find ourselves in a season of darkness, and if feels like a parched desert. It turns out many people in the Bible, including our Lord Jesus, experienced wilderness times. This series explores what we can learn

Christians and Politics

Should Christians get involved in politics?

Should churches be active in the political arena?

Which political party is the most Biblical?

On Sunday morning, Pastor Mike will deal with these questions as he preaches on the topic “Christians and Politics”. Our worship service begins at 10:30 am.…

Worship with us Sunday, June 23

ArnieBuehlerEvery generation is different, both in life and in faith. How well do we understand the upcoming generation and the times in which we live? How can we pass on beliefs, faith, and maturity to the emerging generation? Guest speaker Pastor Arnie C. Buehler will help us as he preaches from Titus 2. Find out …

Guess who’s coming to dinner?

Guess Who is Coming to Dinner - website

Guess who’s coming to dinner? Has anyone ever said that to you when someone special was coming for dinner? Tomorrow we’ll look at a man named Simon who had someone famous over for dinner, but then someone unexpected showed up as well.

Come worship with us at 10:30.…

Beulah Day on Sunday!




Great things are happening at Beulah Beach! Only one and a quarter hours away, Beulah Beach has all sorts of programs and ministries for people of every age, including camps, family weeks, conferences…too many to name!

Ralph Trainer, the director of Beulah Beach, will be with us on Sunday to tell us what …

God Sightings, part 3

Finding God when you least expect it
Sometimes Jesus shows up in the unlikeliest places. You may not be expecting it, but there he is. Hebrews 13 says that some people have even been entertaining angels, when they thought they were serving people. Find out more Sunday morning. Our worship time begins at 10:30 am.…